What is Gamma sterilization, and why is it superior?

Here at Earth-rise Supply we care about your health and safety so we use only the highest standards of sterilization fro our pre- sterilized products employing the Gamma irradiation method.

Gamma irradiation is safe, reliable and highly effective at treating a wide variety of products with varying densities. With the ability to penetrate products while sealed in their final packaging, gamma irradiation supports the manufacturing and distribution process by facilitating final packaged products as well as raw material needs, ensuring full sterility of the product.


Gamma sterilization is supported by the internationally recognized consensus standard, ISO 11137, which describes the approach to validating a dose to achieve a defined sterility assurance level (SAL).

What is Gamma Irradiation Used For?

The gamma irradiation process can effectively treat a wide variety of products composed of different materials, with varying densities, configurations and orientations. Some examples of products processed include:

  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Combination drug/device products
  • Tissue-based and biological products
  • Animal retail products
  • Archives
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Horticultural supplies
  • Packaging materials


What is Gamma Irradiation?

The gamma irradiation process uses Cobalt 60 radiation to kill microorganisms on a variety of different products in a specially designed cell. Gamma radiation is generated by the decay of the radioisotope Cobalt 60, with the resultant high energy photons being an effective sterilant. A key characteristic of gamma irradiation is the high penetration capability, which allows for delivery of target radiation dose to areas of products that may be higher in density. The unit of absorbed dose is kiloGray, expressed as kGy. Delivery and absorption of dose by product is determined by product density, packaging size, dose rate, exposure time and facility design.
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