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Stiletto 18G Needles

Stiletto 18G Needles

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You have to try these SUPER Sharp needles, Many piercers have used the words "game changer". We have been testing bevels and points for about 2 years and have perfected what we feel is a "drag" free needle.

All our needles come presterilized, packaged in boxes of 50.

Our needles come as regular piercing needles and brand new design with a Press Fit Pin built into the end of the needle allowing to you pierce faster.

The Press Fit needle end fits all threadless barbells and circular barbells.

These innovative needles allow you to perform faster piercings, giving your client a better piercing experience. Due to New product roll out please be aware that it may take up to 2 weeks for shipment.

Please allow up to two weeks for shipping for new product roll out.

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