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Assorted Taper Box

Assorted Taper Box

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Taper pins have become essential for the professional piercing studio.  Until now they have never been pre-sterilized or at a cost that allows it to be disposable.  Taper pins allow for easy fast insertion of jewelry as well as reopening piercings for jewelry.  These are machined from 316 steel in one solid piece.  They are machine tumbled to create a super smooth finish and then covered with a medical grade silicone coating making them the smoothest tapers on the market today.  These tapers allow you to never miss a transfer again.

All of our tapers come pre-sterilized.

Box Includes:

- 18G Press-Fit (15)

- 16G Press-Fit (15)

- 14G Press-Fit (10)

- 12G Press-Fit (10)

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