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Ear Piercing Starter Package

Ear Piercing Starter Package

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Everything You Need To Do 50 Ear Piercings!

This package is designed for body piercers wanting to do ear lobe and helix piercings. This gives you all of the jewelry that you need to start your ear piercing business plus all of the medical supplies that you need to safely pierce ear lobes and the helix (outer rim of the ear).

You will get enough supplies and jewelry to do 50 ear piercings.

Included in this package is:

25 x STERILIZED 16ga 5/16" Implant Grade ASTM F136 Titanium Barbells

25 x STERILIZED 16ga 9/32" Implant Grade ASTM F136 Titanium Barbells

30 x STERILIZED Variety of Threaded Ends, Gems & Opals

10 x STERILIZED 16ga 5/16" Implant Grade ASTM F136 Titanium Hinge Rings

10 x STERILIZED 16ga 3/8" Implant Grade ASTM F136 Titanium Hinge Rings

1 x Stiletto 16ga Body Piercing Needles with Pin Taper Attached, Sterile

1 x Stiletto 16ga Body Piercing Needles, Sterile

2 x Boxes of Sterile Gauze

1 x Box of Sterile Lube

2 x Boxes of Non-Sterile Gloves

2 x Boxes of Sterile Gloves

1 x STERILIZED Bag of 50 Piercing Packs (2 Q-Tips, Rubber Band & Cork)

1 x Bottle of Dyna-Hex Skin Prep

1 x Sleeve of Plastic Medicine Cups

1 x 2 QT Sharps Container

1 x Roll of 24" x 24" Biomedical waste Bags

2 x Tubs of Madacide FD Tuberculocidal Disinfectant Wipes

2 x Boxes of Masks

1 x Box of Stiletto Purple Markers





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