Pelton & Crane OCM Autoclave - Refurbished

Pelton & Crane OCM Autoclave - Refurbished

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The OCM "Omniclave" is a steam pressure autoclave made of stainless steel.

This autoclave is best for smaller offices and can be found in a range of settings, including dental offices, physician's offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and laboratories.

Autoclaves come with 1 Free Spore test that you need to run when you get it to your facility. Depending on the machine, you may or may not need to do the yearly inspection as required by some state laws, ex. Florida.

It is best to arrange pick up or hand delivery for all autoclaves. UPS & Fed Ex may not be a viable option for delivery due to the sensitive nature of these machines. (they tend to throw around boxes a lot)

Pelton & Crane OCM Autoclave Specifications

  • Chamber Size: 7" (Diameter) x 14" (Deep).
  • Outside Dimensions: 15" (W) x 18" (D) x 13" (H).
  • Trays:
    • Small: 5" x 13" x 1"
    • Large: 6.5" x 13" x 1"
  • Voltage: 110 V.
  • Shipping Weight: 70 lbs.