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StarFrostMicroscope Slide, 76 x 26mm, Orange Frosted Clipped Corners (1,440/Case)

StarFrostMicroscope Slide, 76 x 26mm, Orange Frosted Clipped Corners (1,440/Case)

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Clipped corner slides help reduce glass breakage and fragmentation when loaded into slide printers
Tissue and cell substrates stick rapidly on the Starfrost adhesive slides without using further adhesives or protein coating media to save costly and time consuming preparation-techniques
Restriction of the adhesive coating to the slide's top surface designates it the usable area only
Bottom surface is untreated therefore the slides do not tend to stick when stacked or transported as with other competitive products and difficulties with marking are also avoided
German manufactured from soda-lime float-glass
Starfrost slides carry on the wettable (hydrophilic) top surface a colored translucent but opaque marking area
Special color-printed marking area is resistant to all common chemicals used in the laboratories
Marking with pen, pencil or lab marker is possible
Printed ink works as a spacer to prevent scratches or sticking of the slides when stacking or categorizing them
Used to examine cell suspensions and tissue sections as well as prepare and archive specimens

1 case contains 1440 slides

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